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Help deliver the Stadium for Cornwall

A private funded solution to building the Stadium for Cornwall is finally in reach – and we need your help.

Some background

Planning permission for a Stadium at Langarth on the edge of Truro already exists. In August 2014, Inox Group and Henry Boot Developments Plc submitted a separate planning application aimed at raising the money to build the stadium. This application is for a mixed use development at nearby West Langarth including a supermarket, housing, community facilities and other uses. You can view the application here. If this application is granted planning permission by Cornwall Council, the cash proceeds from this scheme would be used to fund the construction of the Stadium for Cornwall. Inox and Henry Boot Developments would sign a legal planning agreement to guarantee this. There are three other supermarket-related planning applications in this part of Threemilestone also on the table, but only demand for one more store. This means if the Inox and Henry Boot Developments scheme is not approved by the Strategic Planning Committee of Cornwall Council, then the dream of a Stadium for Cornwall will be over.

How you can help:

1. The quickest and easiest way is to sign our e-petition supporting the Inox and Henry Boot Developments scheme

2. You can also download our paper petition, collect 10 signatures (or more!) and post it back to us

3. And you can write directly to the planning department at Cornwall Council to express your support. This takes just a few minutes but is well worth doing. All you need to do is put planning application PA14/08092 in the subject of your email, write why you support the scheme, add your name and location and send your email to If you need any help composing your email then you may want to include some or all of the following text as part of your email:

“I am writing in support of planning application number PA14/08092 for an outline mixed use proposal on land at West Langarth Farm, Threemilestone, Truro. I understand that four proposals for foods stores have been put forward in the Threemilestone area. I have looked at all four applications and it is apparent that only the Inox and Henry Boot Developments scheme will deliver significant benefits for the local area and that these benefits clearly point to this being the most appropriate development for councillors to approve. I understand that these benefits will be maximised if only one food store is approved and I would therefore urge councillors to approve only the West Langarth scheme when they consider these proposals.”

Thank you for your time. If you want to know more please contact us.